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How To Stop Eating Junk Food And Sugar To Manage Weight Loss?

stop craving for sugar and junk food 1
Food craving is an intense desire that comes in a Human for a specific amount of food, and this craving remains until the person gets the particular food. Some experts believe that food cravings last for 5 minutes or more but during this time you have to control your cravings. Every person experiences different...

Visceral Fat loss with the success story of Maria D Kovach

visceral fat loss maria d kovach
Again I am here with another success story of Maria D Kovach. This story will discover the unique methods of Maria for visceral fat loss. She is such a genius lady indeed. Like me, you will have to convince that Maria’s method to lose abdominal fat is the best so far. During her interview,...

Weight gain after 40-how to lose weight after 40?

lose weight after 40
When you turn to 40, it will become more difficult to lose weight. Before the age of 20, the metabolic system of a teenager works fast and there is no need to work hard for weight loss. Unlike adult age, age after 40 brings more maturity and wisdom, however, weight gain is also the...

Does Ketosis Burn Visceral Fat-10 Tips To Lose Visceral Fat

does ketosis burn visceral fat
Does Ketosis burn visceral fat? It’s a question discussed by experienced dietitian but the first discussion is what visceral fat is.AS fat is an energy store of our body and exists in all over our body but if it is expanding around our belly is called visceral fat (belly Fat).Fat has different impacts on...

Food Guide for Teenage Girl: Comprehensive Diet Plan

food guide for teenage girl
Overweight or obesity has not a good impact on your personality. It adds fuel to fire when a teenage girl is facing an overweight or obesity issue. That is why, it is often called, “this world is a world of smart people.” If you are a girl of teenage and tired of obesity then...

How to Lose Love Handles in Female Naturally?

lose love handles in female
Wearing jeans with fatty love handles gives you an awful look. Therefore, it is essential for you to lose love handles, especially in females if you want to be slim. I know, every female only focuses on belly fat and obesity and love handles are the most ignoring part of your body. If you...

Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet- Discussed By Experts

benefits of a low carb diet
Low carb diets have been famous for decades when it comes to losing weight this diet can be the first possible option. There are many benefits of a low carb diet if you follow it in the right manner. This diet limits the number of carbohydrates in the body such as grains, starchy vegetables...

Dangers Of Belly Fat-5 Things can happen if you have belly fat

dangers of belly fat
If you are one of them sitting on a chair and don’t have anything to do than just for the sake of your health consider taking an honest measurement of your waist. You might be the one of those suffered from belly fat. The dangers of belly fat is not that should be ignored....

Keto Diet Side Effects-Can a keto diet be harmful?

keto diet side effects 1
It seems like everyone is praising this diet for many years but have you ever checked keto diet side effects? Doing a diet is healthy, but you can't ignore the wrong side of it. If the keto diet is your favourite, then you must see how it can create problems if not followed in...

keto diet results-Lose 10 Lbs In a Week (Kimberly’s Story)

keto diet results 3
Can a keto diet give me better results?  You might have heard about keto diet results that how high fat, low carb diet can help you get better results in a few weeks. When you are on a ketogenic diet your body burn fats instead of glucose as fuel. Not just that it helps you...


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