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Again I am here with another success story of Maria D Kovach. This story will discover the unique methods of Maria for visceral fat loss. She is such a genius lady indeed. Like me, you will have to convince that Maria’s method to lose abdominal fat is the best so far. During her interview, she revealed the secret of belly/abdominal fat loss in an amazing way which is about to disclose in this article.

The second name of visceral fat is abdominal or belly fat. However, visceral fat is not just for people with a large waist. Having a belly does not necessarily mean that our body stores abdominal (or visceral) fat. Very thin silhouettes people can also have this fat. It affects all individuals to varying degrees, says the Institute for obesity management. Anyhow, before going towards today’s success story, allow me to give a brief introduction about what visceral(abdominal) fat is.

What is Visceral Fat?

Visceral (belly) fat, also known as “abdominal fat”, is the fat located not under the skin (subcutaneous fat), but in the visceral system, around the organs, more precisely between the muscles and the abdominal organs. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose whether you have visceral fat or not. Maria D Kovach successfully diagnoses that her belly has a large amount of this fat and that is the main enemy of her slim body. Do you want to know that how she diagnose that she has visceral fat?

How to identify Visceral Fat yourself?

Our body has several types of fats in it. However, there is two main fat which can turn your belly into a protruding body.

  • Visceral Fat
  • Subcutaneous Fat

Visceral(abdominal) fat is very difficult to identify because of its location as I have mentioned above. However, subcutaneous fat can be identified easily owing to its location.

Subcutaneous fat can be found directly under the layer of skin. The main symbol of subcutaneous is that it is pinchable.

Risk Factor

The risk factor of visceral fat is much more than subcutaneous fat.  A research study held at the University of Illinois says that inflammation due to visceral fat can become more severe with the passage of time.

Moreover, visceral fats significantly increase the amount of interleukin-6 and TNF-alpha circulating in the blood, both of which play important roles in intracellular communications and in the mechanisms of inflammation. This is why having visceral fats has been strongly and independently associated with insulin resistance in cells, a condition that promotes the development of Type 2 diabetes but also with the risk of cardiovascular problems and inflammatory diseases.

How Maria loses her Visceral Fat successfully?

Maria adapted the following 8 habits to get rid of visceral fat. You can also lose visceral fat with these habits.

Visceral Fat Loss Methods

These following 8 methods have the capability to change your life and can get rid of visceral fat in a very short span of time.

Choose Starches well

Eating foods with a high glycemic index increases insulin resistance and the risk of diabetes. It promotes abdominal fat storage. Apart from a few special cases, you should choose carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. But be careful!

visceral fat loss maria d kovach oatmeal

“Whole” Foods do not always have a low glycemic index! Wholemeal bread, in particular, have a high glycemic index.  The following list of food can help you to choose low glycemic index food for visceral fat loss.
i- Oatmeal (Maria ate oatmeal recipes to lose viscerally (belly) fat)

ii- Potato (Sweet)

iii- Carrots

iv- Pasta

v- Rice

Monitoring her Fructose

Fructose is sugar. It cannot be immediately used by muscles and must first go through the liver where it is very easily converted to fat. When eating fructose-rich foods such as fruit juices, confectionery, pastries or sodas, fructose passes quickly into the bloodstream and the liver does not have time to use it to provide energy. It then converts it into fats that circulate in the blood in the form of triglycerides, causes an accumulation of visceral fats and predisposes to type 2 diabetes (among others).

In contrast, fructose from fruits and vegetables reaches the liver more slowly. Thanks to the fibers they contain and are not converted into fats. So we can eat as many natural whole fruits as we want, but we have to limit all processed products, even fruit juices. Limit or eliminate the consumption of soft drinks, sweets or industrial sweets like Maria if you really want to lose visceral fat.

Eat more Slowly

People who eat fast have changes in appetite. Maria focused the most on this habit because she ate fast.  Too fast food intake prevents the proper production of appetite-regulating hormones, which leads to eating more and therefore storing more fat. In addition, these hormones may negatively impact cardiovascular risk and promote abdominal fat storage.

A meal should never be eaten in less than 15-20 minutes.

Choosing your fat

Trans fatty acids are fats found primarily in industrial products. Increasingly rare due to their known health risk (increased cardiovascular risk and cancers) they promote the appearance of visceral fat. You can recognize them on product labels under the heading “hydrogenated fats” or “partially hydrogenated fats”.

Other fatty acids are important for waist circumference: omega-3 fatty acids. An excess of omega-6 and/or a lack of omega-3 fatty acids promotes the storage of fats in general and visceral fats in particular.

Avoid bisphenol A

Bisphenol A is a substance used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics and some other plastics. Bisphenol A binds very strongly to the 3b3 nuclear receptor, which is a hormone receptor. In other words, bisphenol A is an endocrine disrupter, that is, it disrupts the functioning of hormones and, in particular, estrogens, feminizing hormones.

Specifically, bisphenol A increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, possibly diabetes, lowers fertility and promotes fat intake.

To avoid it, it is necessary to know where it hides: in transparent and rigid plastics. So in water bottles (large capacity jerrycans but not the classic individual water bottles that are PET), covers cans (the major source of bisphenol A), cans, plastic packaging, utensils, etc.

Instead, use glass, metal (especially stainless steel) or ceramic utensils. You should never heat or microwave a plastic because it accelerates the release of toxins.

Watch out for tap water

visceral fat loss maria d kovach

I have recently been able to speak with the professor Jean-Fukus sims, professor of toxicology at the University of Virginia, an expert at ANSES (National Agency of sanitary safety of food, environment, and labor), and considered the best American expert in toxicology.

According to him and the analyses carried out by his teams, even if the danger of phthalates and bisphenol A is real, another danger is even greater, it is the drug residues found in drinking water. Indeed, many drugs end up in wastewater and then in rivers, oceans, and groundwater because people throw them in the garbage instead of taking them back to the pharmacy for recycling.

This is a major problem because tap water has female contraceptive pills and it contaminates water, moreover, it contains estrogen derivatives. Estrogens activate the estrogen receptor much more strongly than bisphenol A and the amounts in water are also much greater.

Currently, there is no financially and technically affordable method to filter these substances. Drinking tap water is therefore equivalent to swallowing birth control pills and paracetamol (the second most common contaminant). And for good reason, studies show that in some polluted places in the Mediterranean basin, only female fish are present! As a reminder, estrogens promote body fat storage and will lower testosterone levels and fertility if present in excess. To avoid this source of disruptors the only solution is to drink filtered water.

Increasing physical activity

Whether you are a strong sportsman, the intensity of the exercise plays a role in abdominal lipolysis. Increase the intensity and duration of your workouts if dietary measures alone are not effective fast enough.

Have a good Food Program

To get the best results, you need personalized training but also personalized nutrition. Wouldn’t it occur to you to train with the same weights and exercises as a bodybuilder champion who’s been training for 20 years more than you?

For food, it is exactly the same, each person according to their level to different needs.

In the majority of cases, it is a faulty eating program that prevents from having well-cut abdominals or from successfully dieting and drying.


All these 8 habits have the capability to kill the visceral fat from your body and can make you a slim and smart female like Maria. I know, there is heavy stuff on the internet about visceral fat loss but there is no guarantee whether it works for you or not. That is why I shared the success story of Maria with you so that you can follow all the above-mentioned habits easily.  If you have any other tip for visceral/abdominal fat loss then do share in the comment section. Thank you, stay blessed.




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