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Food craving is an intense desire that comes in a Human for a specific amount of food, and this craving remains until the person gets the particular food. Some experts believe that food cravings last for 5 minutes or more but during this time you have to control your cravings. Every person experiences different types of cravings that are often related to junk foods or processed foods that can be high in sugar, salt, and fat. Food cravings can be a roadblock for those who are trying to lose weight. These types of cravings are the reason behind junk food and sugar intake. If you want to stop eating junk food and sugar than you must control your cravings.

There are many reasons that you are eating junk food, and sugar especially pregnant women have strong cravings for junk food and sugar due to the changes in hormones.

Furthermore, if you are a diabetic patient, then you might have chances for cravings for sugar. But the question is still there how to stop eating sugar and junk food?

 In this article, I will guide you on how you can stop eating junk food and sugar.

stop craving for sugar and junk food 1

Why do people crave for sugar and junk food?

There are many reasons to crave for junk food and sugar. Some are mentioned above, and some relate to body signs. When you are on the process of diet, it means you can’t have junk food that’s the time when your craving for these foods starts.

Junk food can be bad for health because the more you eat them, the more you gain weight. There can be two types of cravings like selective and non-selective. Selective includes the desire for specific foods that are your favourite ones, and Non-selective is the desire of eating anything.

Even people have a habit of eating while they feel thirsty. That’s why keep your body hydrated to avoid these cravings.

What New York Times Magazine has to say about eating junk food and sugar?

According to the New York Times Magazine, there is no denying that cravings for these foods are powerful. The reason behind this is physical reactions that occur in the body. According to the magazine, many markets offer foods that are high in sugar. Not just that, they even demand the tax on sugar.

There are so many tricks that you can use to stop these cravings but make sure to have at least one day as a cheat day.

The Magazine also said that eating sugar and junk food can cause Pillsbury. This type of disease can cause hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases. According to the research, children have more chances of Pillsbury because 50% of children eat sugar and junk food.

The magazine also mentioned the story about Vice president of Kraft, Michal Mudd how he overcome his childhood obesity. Childhood obesity can be the cause of junk food and eating processed foods in large amount.

According to Michal Mudd, schools must educate the children to avoid eating junk foods. There should be special classes for health and nutrients.

About 40 million people in America were considered overweight. The radio is increasing day by day. To control such things avoiding sugar and junk foods can be the best option.

There are already many health centers like The American Heart Association and The American Cancer Society that are educating people through different online websites. Their primary goal is to spread awareness about health and nutrients.

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Five effective ways to train your brain to hate junk food and Sugar

How is the brain associated with junk foods? I am sure you have heard that the body passes signals to the brain when you are hungry. Same is the case with Junk food and sugar. When you don’t have junk food and sugar for a long time your body sends signals to your brain that afterwards turns into your cravings.

Below are five effective rules that you can use to stop yourself from eating junk food and Sugar.

  1. Practice The five-ingredient rule

Before you buy something make sure to check the labels. If you saw a red flag for food processing than don’t buy it. In this way, you can avoid buying processed foods like sugar, cookies and much more.

The five-ingredient rule can be applied to foods that you eat on restaurants make sure you must know what is healthy for you. If you know calories, count then counts how much calories you are consuming.

  1. Three colors are best for you

You have heard about three color tricks or aim for three colors. According to a recent study people who add three colors in their meal are healthier. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or snack try to eat nuts, fruit slices and dark chocolate.

These three things are best for nutrients and also provide a variety of colors. So when you eat them, you feel like you are eating lots of healthy items.

  1. Break your routine into parts

It may take only one week to follow a particular habit. If you are willing to lose weight, then it would take a week for you to cut down on carbs and other unhealthy habits.

Break your routine by moving yourself after every 2 hours. Different studies show that people who walk after every 2 hours for just 5-10 minutes don’t gain weight.

Furthermore, if you have wanted to eat sugar and junk food, then walking can be the best trick for you. It helps to reduce cravings.

  1. Chew more food to digest more

Chewing is the best option if you want to hate junk food. Chewing junk food can be a tough choice; so many people avoid eating them. On the other hand, chewing vegetables is much more comfortable. That’s the reason many people prefer eating vegetables instead of junk foods and sugar.

Chewing food also helps to reduce weight loss, but the food is divided into different parts and become easy to digest. Next time if you eat something try to chew slowly and consciously.

  1. Cut back on Junk Food and Sugar slowly

Many people ask this question about how to stop eating junk food and sugar. The answer is simple if you can’t avoid them in the start, try them gradually. If you eat less amount of junk food then after sometime it will reduce your habit of eating it again.

So if you are eating junk food three times a week make this habit of eating two times a week. Same is the case with sugar. Add 2 tbsp. of sugar instead of 3 tbsp. In this way, you will stop eating junk food and sugar for a while.

What are the other ways to stop eating junk food and Sugar?

There many ways through which you can stop eating junk food and sugar. Following are the methods that you can try if you are craving to an extreme level.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat protein instead of junk food
  • Chew gum
  • Take 3-4 meals per day
  • Avoid getting hungry
  • Don’t stress your body
  • Try different exercise to avoid hunger

What are the other alternatives to junk foods and sugar?

If you want to stop eating junk foods and sugar than use these foods as best alternatives, not just they are rich in magnesium but also provide you with proteins and vitamin B12.

  • Nuts
  • Popcorns
  • Dark chocolate
  • Whole fruits
  • Lemon water
  • Cotton cheese

Final Words

More than 50% of people experience cravings for junk food and sugar every day. The amount is increasing day by day. These cravings are the major cause of food addiction.

You must trick your mind by adopting healthy habits in your daily routine. Try to trigger your mind toward healthy foods that are rich in proteins, omega-3, vitamins and many more.

Also, try to keep your blood sugar levels stable because when your sugar levels are stable, it means your body is producing enough amount of glucose. If the glucose level drops down people eat more sugar.

If your mind sends a message to you, don’t listen to it because it’s all about how you control yourself.




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