Are you facing problems with losing weight? Or would you like to lose weight quickly? Both can be done with the help of low carb diet tips and tricks here.  Did you know that low carb is the most effective way to lose weight overnight? You don’t have to lose weight quickly without getting hunger.

If you are one of them struggling for weight loss than this article is just for you to lose weight quickly using low carb diet. You don’t have to do much, just read this to get better knowledge.  I am sure you might have heard that eat less and diet more. This can’t be the proper solution to your problems. You have to stick to an appropriate diet plan which helps you to lose weight quickly.

The best diet which you can do is a low carb diet. Not just it improves your health but also removes those extra fats which you have stored. This low carb diet plan to lose weight now has been used for decades and works appropriately.

Even I am one of those who were struggling from weight gain, and for me, low carb diet trick worked. The best part of this is, you don’t have to count the calories and use the special product you will see the difference in no time.

So if your dream is to weight loss or lose belly fat now than your dream has come true, let’s learn more about this process to get better knowledge.

Low carbs mean you have to take a few carbohydrates in your diet. Which means you have to check which things you can eat having low carbohydrates. This can be difficult for the first time but don’t worry you will get used to it.

How low carb diet works?

Low carb doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favorite foods, but you have to limit the portion of sugar and starches. Sugar is the main reason behind your belly fat. So if you want to lose weight now cut down those extra sugar intakes.

You don’t have to remain hungry for a long time replaces your bread, pasta, rice with vegetables, eggs, and meat. Isn’t it that simple?

What if I get hungry? Eat until you are satisfied but eat those things which are low in carb. You will see the magic in no time.

According to a recent study, Low carb helps you lose more weight than any other diet so if your primary goal is to be healthy and want to reduce your weight than you can try this diet. No doubt this diet not only helps me but also to many people who are struggling with body shaming.

Research on Low Carb Diet

1.  They can’t have carbs less than 20 grams which can decrease their insulin levels.

There are already many types of research on low carb diet by different association, but the most famous one is by American Diabetes which was performed on diabetes patients. According to the study the diabetes patient can carry a low carb diet, but even they are at level O. Different test was performed which shows the following evidence.

2. Diet depends on the variety of eating patterns which diabetes manage to follow. So the doctor suggests following lower fats and lower carbohydrate pattern.

3. Combination of different foods must be added while having this diet which means personal preferences and metabolic goals must be considered.

Low Carb Diet Guides

What to eat while on a diet? That can be confusing but don’t worry. I can guide you properly plan what you should eat or avoid. This can be difficult for you to cut off your favorite foods but when the days will pass you will get used to it.

Avoid Six Foods to Lose weight quickly

You should avoid these six foods if you are planning to lose weight with low carbs.


Soft drinks can be dangerous for you because they contain a considerable amount of sugar. So if your dream is to get slim than avoid drinking them. Sugar can be used in many other things like fruit juices, candy, ice cream. To get a better result to reduce your sugar intake as much you can.

Refined Grains

Grains must be avid during breakfast. I would suggest you eat eggs and salad in place of wheat grains. So avoid eating wheat, rice, barley, and cereal. You can use brown rice instead of white rice as they are less in carbs.

Trans Fat

Trans-fat can be found in many foods, but mostly it’s the oil which we use in our lunch or dinner. To get the best results you have to replace those trans-fat with any other food. My suggestion for you is to avoid using simple food and replace it with olive oil.

Low-fat products

Dairy products affect not only your body but also your skin. For me eating dairy products never worked. Many dairy products cause inflammation in your body which can be bad for your metabolism. So avoid drinking milk and milk tea. Other product includes cereals, crackers, and chocolates.

High processed food

If you are gaining weight then this could be highly processed food. Don’t eat those items which you think are made in the factory. They use more chemicals that increase the number of calories you take.

Starchy vegetables

It’s best to limit the number of starchy vegetables because in this way you can lose weight quickly. So if you are following an effective low carb diet then removing starchy vegetables will do the work for you.

Foods That You May Include

If you are healthy and don’t have any health issues you can include these foods and veggies in your low carb diet plan to get the better result.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, red beans, Kumara, Yams, Taro and many others.

Unrefined grains which include brown rice, oats, brown bread, wheat, and many others.

Pulses, pinto beans, black beans.

Dark Chocolate having 70% cocoa.

Wine but without sugar or carbs.

You can try all these if you are healthy because in this way you can add a few carbs to your diet. IT works the same like adding one cheat day in a week which is considered healthy.

Top Ten low carb vegetables to weight loss now

Here are the top ten low carb vegetables which you can eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not just they are low in carbs but also provide you with the best nutrition are which your body needs to work properly.

1-Cauliflower contains 3g of carbs.

2-Cabbage contains 3 g.

3-Avocado contains 2 g.

4-Broccoli contains 4 g.

5-Zucchini contains 3 g.

6-Spinach contains 1 g.

7-Asparagus contains 2 g.

8-Kale contains 3 g.

9-Green beans contain 4 g.

10-Brussels sprouts contain 5 g.

Top Five Effective Low Carb recipes

Here are the names of the top 5 recipes which you should try while you are on this diet.

A-Cauliflower Hash Browns

B-Curry Chicken with brown rice

C-Keto chicken Casserole

D-Mushroom risotto

E-Soup with Crispy Pancetta

Who should not try this diet plans?

Many people can try this diet because it’s really helpful for you but some people don’t have to try this diet for many reasons. Following are the reasons you don’t try this diet as it can be really bad for your health.

Diabetes Patient

If you are a diabetes patient than you shouldn’t try a low carb diet because it can increase your insulin level. Low carb diet can decrease the level of calories which are not good for the diabetic patient. Eating carbs less than 20 grams can decrease your levels of insulin which is not good for health.

So try to add one or two fruit a day to maintain your proper diet if you are level one Diabetes patient.

High Blood Pressure

If you have a high blood pressure problem then this diet is not for you because of the high blood pressure you have to take care of the food which you should eat. While starting low carb diet requires adding more salt and fluid in the form of Bouillon which means you can’t have salt during blood pressure. While having this diet would increase your blood pressure and you might have problems regarding headache.

Final Words

Low carb diet restricts carbs but it doesn’t mean you can’t have them for seven days. You should try this diet for Six days and One day should be your cheat day where you can eat your favorite meal.

You must plan your meals according to the diet which means having 4-5 meals a can help you lose more weight. You can try different foods which I have mentioned above or you can try different recipes.

Comment below what is your Favourite part of this diet? So I can share your recipe or food with others.


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