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 Keto or Low carb diet has been known for decades. Low carb diet focus on keeping the daily carbs under 70 grams and Keto diet limit the carb intake under 20-35 grams. In keto diet, most of the food is known as healthy fat and moderate protein.

In other words, a keto diet is part of a low carb diet which includes 60-70% of healthy fats.  Low carb diet has become very famous due to the numbers of dieters who have rapidly tried this diet. And believe me, the results were positive not just they felt active but also healthy.

Furthermore, many studies also show that low carb intake can be used to aid different health relative issues. Which one is the best keto or low carb diet? Both the diets have their own methods and food intake value so comparing them can be quite difficult.

Many websites have been claiming that both are same and some claims that Keto diet is much better than Low carb-diet because in keto diet you get the benefits of both ketosis and also low carb dieting. On the other hand, some websites claim that a low carb diet is the best way to lose weight because the keto diet is strict about following.

This article is all about the main difference between the keto diets vs. low carb diet. You can decide which diet suits you more after reading the article.

What is the Different between keto diet or low carb diet?

When it comes to assessing keto diet vs low carb diet for your health than both the diet plans have their own methods of eating and calorie counts. One is simple to follow and others can be strict. However, in terms of weight loss keto diet can be strict but comes with fast results.

When it comes to discussing Low carb-diet the basic principle of this diet is to keep your carbs intake less than 70 grams. There is no strict rule in this diet about the carb intakes.

According to 2014 research low carb diet is divided into four groups. Following are the details of this diet.

  • A low carb diet would have carbs in between 21-70 grams in 2000 calories per day intake.
  • Low carb diet has 1500-2000 carbs per day.
  • However, a high carb diet has 325+ grams of carbs in 2000 calories per day.

Low carb diet doesn’t follow any particular rule like how much carbs should be taken in one day. On the other hand, the ketogenic diet is also a type of low carb diet that focuses on eating high fat, protein and low carbs. It’s the same as you are providing your body with the fat fuel to run the system.

Keto diet has gained much popularity among the people because this diet helps to lose weight. Also, this diet was created to treat epilepsy in children. However keto diet also has an impact on our brain because when you fast, the brain sends the signals to our body to run the ketone produced by the liver. This process is also known as Ketosis.  Therefore, Dr. Walter created the keto diet to reduce the mimic effect of fasting.

 The technical difference of keto diet and Low carb diet

Following are the technical difference that you would find in keto diet vs low carb diet. There are several versions that are originated from these two diets. In addition, both the diet follows different diet charts for weight loss. So if you are on keto diet you can’t use the diet plan of low carb diet.

Following are the technical difference between keto diet and low carb diet.

  1. Low carb High-fat diet

This diet is also known as LCHF that includes lowering carbs and adding healthy fats. The diet focuses on eating unprocessed and healthy foods like low carb vegetables, nuts and fish while it restricts the use of processed foods like rice, pasta and potatoes.

This diet is recommended by Doctors to those who want to lose weight fast. Even if you have diabetes and want to lose weight this diet is best for you.

According to the research, Low carb diet is also beneficial for Ultra-endurance sports.  According to this research LCHF also helps a lot in athletic performance and helps them to build more stamina.

“LCHF diet helps in different types of high-intensity exercise, central fatigue and perceptual motor ability in different athletes. Also, it helps to reduce the excess amount of weight from the body.”


  1. Paleo Diet

This diet is among the popular dietary approach. It includes the eating of food which is involved in the Paleolithic era. Furthermore, it restricts the consumption of agricultural and processed foods and consists of the use of similar low carb foods. So, you can’t eat sugar, grains, legumes and dairy products. On the other hand, this diet involves eating fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts and seeds.

“Different versions of Paleo Diet are available which includes primal blueprint and perfect health diet. All these diets are less in carbs than another western diet. This diet also improves glycemic and cardiovascular risk which is found in type 2 diabetes.”


  1. The Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is named after Robert Atkins. This diet is divided into four stages. Below are the four stages from which you have to go through.

  • The first phase involves eating low carbs, high fat and high protein for two weeks.
  • The second phase is including nuts, veggies and some fruits and use coffee as a drink.
  • The third phase is adding more carbs when your goal is near to lose weight. Do it until your weight is started to drop.
  • The last one includes eating high carbs until your body tolerates it without putting more weight.

“This diet is used for children having daily seizures problems. Not just this diet helps to reduce seizures but also helps to improve the different health issues found in children.”

 Now low carb diet is discussed. Let’s see what the different types of diets that are included in the Keto diet are.

  1. Traditional Ketogenic diet

This following diet has a ratio of 4:1 which means 90% of it contains fat and 10% contains protein and carbs. This diet is for only those who do high-intensity exercise and different types of Yoga. During this diet, you have to take different types of syrups to increase the glucose level to get more energy for your body.

“This diet includes eating of 25-50 grams of carbs from high glucose and non-fat foods like gummy bears, hand candies, Gatorade and other natural syrups.”


  1. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

You can follow this diet for 2-3 days when you want to add high carb foods in your keto diet. CKD diet follows 20-30 g of net carbs to give powder to the athletes.  These athletes include people who are doing high-intensity exercise, and their body relies on glucose for fuel rather than the fat.

“During this diet, high-intensity training is required because to develop muscles our body needs glucose as a fuel. That’s why this diet is beneficial when you are on a ketogenic diet.”

  1. The modified Atkins Diet

This diet is the revised version of the Atkins diet. A person who tries different types of flexibility exercises uses this diet to stay fit. It includes 70-80% of fats, 17% proteins and 3% of carbs. This diet requires ketogenic monitoring which consists of 4 weeks of keto diet plan.




This diet is helpful in children also people who want to lose weight fast. This diet is helpful for athletics and people who want to try high-intensity exercises.
Low carb diet includes the following types of diet

·         LCHF

·         The paleo diet

·         The Atkins diet

Keto diet includes the following types of diet

·         LGT

·         MCT

·         MAD

This diet restricts carbs consumption. This diet ketones in the liver which is used to produce energy
One can consume 20-30 grams of carbs per day. One can consume less than 50 grams of carbs per day.
Low carb diet puts the body to mild ketosis Keto diet puts the body to ketosis
This diet is for those people who want to relax the body while weight loss and inflammation This diet is really strict as compared to a low carb diet.


What are the health benefits of Keto or low carb diet?

Following are the health benefits that you can found in this diet. Also, both diets help to reduce weight loss and improve health issues. Meanwhile, if someone has different health diseases, both can help to reduce those problems. Below are the health benefits which you can find in the keto diet and low carb diet.

  1. Epilepsy

Keto diet helps to reduce the rate of epilepsy. Also, it helps to increase the rate of metabolism which helps to reduce weight fast. The diet is made in result of reducing the rate of fasting which is the main reason for many health issues.

  1. Obesity

Both diets help to cure obesity. For many years obesity has become the issue among those who want to lose weight. Not just that it becomes the main reason for weight gain but also become the cause of depression.  For instance, a study shows that a keto diet helps to lose weight from abdominal fat in obese participants. Keto diet also helps to improve hormones in the body.

  1. Diabetes

Low carb diet helps to reduce weight those who have diabetes. SO if you have diabetes, then you can follow this diet which is helpful for weight loss.

  1. Cognitive function

Both keto diet vs low carb diet helps to improve the cognitive function to improve mental health and reduce depression.

What are the common side effects which you can find in a keto diet or low carb diet?

Although keto diet or low carb diet helps to reduce health issues but doing everything in a wrong manner will have side effects as well that can cause health issues. Following are the health issues which you can find in these diets.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscles cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Brain fog
  • Depression

Which diet is easiest to follow among keto diet and low carb diet?

Both keto diet vs low carb diet has its benefits and drawbacks. There is no theory about which diet is easiest to follow as it depends on you how you can try this diet. Sometimes trying a keto diet will suit you more rather than low carb diet. The main purpose of the diet is to lose fat from your body and improve your health.

There are lots of people who are doing a keto diet, and some people have tried the low carb diet both helped them in weight loss. Even both diets are helpful for diabetes.

Some people believe that for instance result Keto diet can be helpful than a low carb diet. But some people think that a low carb diet is natural to do than the keto diet. Overall keto diet vs low carb diet is beneficial; it depends on you how you try them till the result comes out.

Final Words

Both keto diet and low carb diet focus on keeping the carbs low and proteins high. This helps to reduce fat and also helps to improve your health issues. You can try different foods for the keto diet and even for low carb diet to lose weight. I have mentioned above that if you want to get the fast result you can try a keto diet, but you have to perform a high-intensity workout with it. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, you can try a low carb diet.

Low carb diet is use among those who want to perform more flexibility. However, you may not know which one will work better for you until you are not ready to try it. Also, you must stick to one diet plan until you get the final results.

If you are not satisfied with one diet, you can try four weeks of a keto diet and then move to a low carb diet. Comment below which diet works best for you to motivate others.



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