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Can a keto diet give me better results?  You might have heard about keto diet results that how high fat, low carb diet can help you get better results in a few weeks. When you are on a ketogenic diet your body burn fats instead of glucose as fuel.

Not just that it helps you in rapid weight loss even if you are not on a workout. To boost your keto diet result, you must try different methods like intermittent fasting, cyclical ketosis drink and also bulletproof coffee.

The result of a keto diet is fast as compared to any other diet plan because when you are taking a low carb diet, then you are most likely to lose weight. That’s the main reason many Nutrients suggest keto diet plan to get better results.

What if the fat is not melting? Many people say that while trying a keto diet they didn’t feel any change for about two weeks and even the fat didn’t melt. This can happen in some persons and you have to try some other diet plan to start the weight loss process quickly. Read this whole article when I will guide you to lose belly fat and the keto diet results in weight loss. Also, keto diet results are much faster than Low-carb diet results.


Keto Diet fit so naturally into my lifestyle says, Kimberly

This story is about the Kimberly who lost 59 kg with a keto diet and not just that she is losing more weight to get better keto diet results.  That’s how she tells her story.

My name is Kimberly, and I am a 33- year old housewife from Arizona. I am just like other people who want to lose weight fast but don’t dare to do so.

My entire life I hated my body for many reasons. Some reasons involve health-related issues that include asthma, inflammation and many more. I searched for many ways to hide my fat and even tried to wear extra-large clothes to hide my body. I have two twin daughters and one 11 year boy. So I used to think who they would feel about me that they have a fat mother.

The problem was not about my body; it’s the lack of confidence I have in me. And I know many people have the same. I know it was my poor esteem and I have to change it. I believe that there is nothing shameful about my body and if I have to lose weight, I have to love my body.

After searching lots of diet plan, I decided to try a Keto diet plan. Like other, I didn’t go up to the gym direct to lose weight because before losing weight my goal was to maintain a healthy diet plan. Keto diet fits so naturally in my lifestyle, and I was satisfied with my results.

When I started my journey, I was a bit confused with what things should I go first but believe me if you are running toward goals like “losing 10 kgs in a week”. You must give time to your body so that it can adjust the changes which are going to happen.

My goal was never to get six packs. I want a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods that can make me more comfortable and happy.

Here is Kimberly Instagram where you can see how she is still going towards her goals.


How doeketo diet resultss the keto diet work?

Before you start this diet, you must know how the diet works. The keto diet is very high in fat which means you are taking 75 percent of your daily calories, but carbohydrates must be less than 5 percent. By excluding the carbs from your diet, you are forcing your body to burn more fats rather than glucose for fuel.

So what are keto diet results? Without glucose, your blood sugar remains stable all day, and you don’t feel any cravings.

The benefits of the Keto diet

There are many benefits to this diet, and they are mainly related to your weight loss process. When you lose weight from your body and have an ideal weight, you free yourself from different health issues. Following are the benefits which you can find by doing this diet.

  1. It helps in rapid weight loss

Keto diet results are fast because it helps to lose more weight from your body than accepted. According to the study, the Keto diet helps in fast fat burn as compared to other diet plans. It also controls your hunger Hormone and increases the level of CCK. While you are on this diet, you must avoid foods which are high in carbs. In this way, you can remain active without eating for a longer time, and your body starts to lose weight.

  1. It increases the energy

When you are on ketones process, your body, as well as the brain, must have an immediate source of energy. So when you are running on glucose, your body starts to crashes the energy. This is the main reason you feel brain fog, crankiness as your body relies on carbs for fuel.  According to the study, Ketosis also helps to create Mitochondria which are the cells that are known as the energy generators.


  1. It helps to reduce Inflammation

The keto diet results are anti-inflammatory that means you will feel less inflammation when you are on this diet. This diet also helps you protection against cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Also, it will help you to fight against obesity. So if you follow this diet for about six months at least, you will feel less inflammation in your body.

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Five ways to boost your keto diet results

I am sure you might have read about this diet benefits. Here are the five ways through which you can increase your keto diet results so that you can lose weight fast. Remember losing weight is not your goal; you must feel better also.


  1. Try intermittent fasting to lose weight fast

Intermittent fasting is not the requirement which you must complete when you are on a keto diet, but it’s just a powerful method to boost the keto diet results. We all need fast results when we are on weight loss journey so intermittent fasting can be a better way to give a boost to your body.

This process works by eating 6 to 8 hours and fasting for the remaining 14 to 16 hours. In this way, your body produces more energy.

“Fasting gets you in the process of ketosis and send you in the process of glucose reverse in this way your body burns more fats for energy.”


  1. Drink Bulletproof coffee

Drinking a powerful coffee in the morning helps you lose more weight because you are providing all the energy to your body first thing in the morning. Each cup of bulletproof coffee contains grass-fed butter and brain octane oil. Octane oil contains MCTs which can get from 100 percent of coconut oil.

“Brain octane oil also raises ketones four times more than coconut oil. Also drinking this coffee helps to boost keto diet results.”


  1. Practice Cyclical Ketosis at least one day

When you skip carbs in your meal, you might end up having different health issues like fatigue, thyroid, insomnia and dry eyes. That’s why you must practice cyclical ketosis at least one day to full fill the deficiency of carbs. In other words, it’s the same process of having a cheat day at least once a week.  You can also call it as a carb refeed day. One day is your carb reefed day and other six days are your standard keto diet days. Be sure you are eating healthy carbs like squash, sweet potatoes, berries, carrots.


“Carb reefed helps you to improve your sleep, keep your weight off and boost your metabolism. Also, it helps to boost your healthy gut bacteria.”


  1. Calculate your protein intake

People things that keto diet is high protein diet but that’s not true like carbs you must also calculate your protein intake. To boost your keto diet result, you must eat a limited amount of proteins per day. You can have 4 ounces of protein with your meal to boost the amount of energy your body needs.


  1. Check the quality of fats intake

You must check the quality of fats intakes in your body. There are many benefits of fats if you want to lose weight, but you have to keep on check what fats you are eating. Eating more fats can because of belly fat in women. Try to avoid vegetable oil and trans fat which are found in fried food, candies and packaged baked goods.

“There are different types of fat in food which you must have a look before you eat them. Fat includes saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.”



Final words

Keto diet results are fast as compared to other low carb diets. Not just it helps to lose weight but also gives you other health benefits. Keto diet results are fats because it allows healthy fat intake in your body and adjusts the ketone levels for you. Also, it ramps up the physical activities so that you can lose weight fast.



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