How to lose weight with chocolate?

How can you lose weight with chocolate?  If someone asks you that and you don’t know how to answer them so read this article to get better knowledge about chocolate.

 I mostly ignore those people who say chocolate is complete junk and you can’t use this junk to lose weight quickly. Chocolate is full of nutrients, and different studies show that it helps you in many ways. Here we are going to discuss in detail how Eating Chocolate Help You Lose Weight?

I am sure not just for burning fats you might have use chocolate for mending your broken heart. Did you know chocolate lowers the risk of heart disease? Yes, you heard me right with the help of chocolate; you can control different heart diseases, can stable your sugar levels and also can control the appetite.

 Not just it’s good for your health, but also it controls your hunger so when you feel hungry you can have a bite of chocolate which can be useful for your Health.

Now you might be thinking that chocolate is related to weight gain, but not all chocolates are similar to weight gain. You have to choose them wisely before you eat them. You can use original cocoa in your drinks or smoothie or even in a shake.

There are lots of methods in which you can use dark chocolate which I am going to explain you step by step. 

How to lose weight with dark chocolate?

There are many ways through which you can lose weight, but chocolate is the best option which you can use to lose weight

There are many ways through which you can lose weight, but chocolate is the best option which you can use to lose weight. Following are the five methods from which you can lose weight with the help of chocolate. Remember not all chocolate will help you to burn fats only dark chocolate is best for your health because it provides you with complete nutrients.

  1. It helps to reduce Cravings

When it comes to cravings, our option has always been something like eating chips, eating snacks but that should be replaced with dark chocolate. It is free from fats and helps you to burn calories. Not just it helps you in lose belly fat but also helps you to maintain your body weight.

  • It helps to reduce body fat

According to the American Chemical Society, dark chocolate helps you to burn more fats from the body. Not just fats it helps you to lower blood sugar and also helps you to decrease your body fat. Andrew P. Neilson also explains that Cocoa which is the ingredient of chocolate is among the richest foods around which allows you to burn more calories from your body. 

  • It helps to control the Appetite

When we eat sugar, it means you are sending insulin to the body. The means you are producing more ghrelin in our body which increase the appetite. To control this, you eat more food which is most unhealthy. So why not to replace those healthy foods with chocolate? So if you eat it, that means you are replacing unhealthy food with a healthy one.

  • It helps to reduce your stress

Not just dark chocolate helps to reduce your weight quickly, but it also helps to reduce your stress. Did you know stress is the main reason to weight gain? Eating a small portion of chocolate helps you to control your brain level which means you can control the stress. Also, it increases serotonin and endorphin levels in your brain which helps to stop the feelings of stress to the brain. In this way, you can control your level of stress.

  • It helps you to exercise

It can be quite funny, but it works. Dark chocolate not just helps you to reduce stress but also encourage you to do exercise. It also provides you with magnesium which means you will feel less pain while doing exercise. So when the body feels good, you can go for the exercise.

How to Add Chocolate to Your Diet for weight loss?

You can sue many ways to add chocolate to lose those extra pounds from your body. But you can stick with cocoa-rich chocolate because of the health properties and other health factors. But remember to take a small portion because eating excess can have other side effects on your health.

Here are some low calories ways which you can adapt to enjoy chocolate:

  1. Use it as Desert after dinner

Just like me, if you have a habit of eating dessert after dinner, then you can replace ice cream with chocolate. I am not telling you to eat a full packet of chocolate, but you can have a bite of it. So your total calories count will be around 25 which is less if you are on a diet.

  • Make Hot cocoa

If you want to lose weight with chocolate drink then it can be your best option. It’s really easy to make and can be your lose weight drink.


  • 1 ½ tbsp. of cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp. of sweet chocolate chip
  • ¼ cup of extra hot water
  • ½ of fat-free milk
  • ¼ of warm water

How to make it?

  • Take a cup of hot water.
  • Add cocoa powder, sweet chips and milk into the water.
  • Microwave it until all ingredients get to dissolve.
  • Your drink is ready. The total number of calories it contains is 99.
  • Use it on Smoothie or shake

You can use cocoa on a smoothie or some shake. Not just it is healthy, but it also enhances the taste of your drinks. Also, you are getting a significant amount of protein which is good for your health. Smoothies are the best option which helps you to lose extra pounds from your body. By adding a few teaspoons of cocoa will help you with the proteins and magnesium to stay active all day.

  • Sweet chips as oatmeal

You can also use it as your breakfast. If you don’t want to do heavy breakfast than chocolate can be your best option. You can use sweet chocolate chips are your oatmeal which is good for your health. The best part of this breakfast is that you wouldn’t feel hungry all day.