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Overweight or obesity has not a good impact on your personality. It adds fuel to fire when a teenage girl is facing an overweight or obesity issue. That is why, it is often called, “this world is a world of smart people.” If you are a girl of teenage and tired of obesity then this article is written for you. Why you do not follow our pro food guide for teenage girl. In this guide, we will share a healthy diet plan for a teenage girl to lose or maintain weight. One more thing which you should bear in mind is that all these guides have been provided by our nutritionists. Let’s start

Food Guide for Teenage Girl

In adolescence, nutritional needs become very important, even more so than in adults. This is the period of change in eating habits, in the affirmation of culinary preferences and in the taste of excess. Watch out for imbalances and bad habits. Follow the guide to healthy eating in teenage.

Teenage: A High-Calorie Intake

Adolescence is one of the major periods of growth. The food needs of teenage are as high as, or even higher than, those of an adult. The risks of excesses and imbalances are therefore great. Eating behaviors, like all teenage behaviors,  have influenced by Fashion, Group, and self-image. Teenagers often eat outdoors with friends and it is not always easy to balance their meals. The ideal calorie intake varies from youth to youth and is balanced over several days. There are no norms: it depends on individuals and on the pace of their growth.

 food guide for teenage girl
Teenage Girls: Specific Nutritional Needs

Adolescents are particularly in need of dietary intakes of :

Proteins: Essential for growth, they must account for 10% to 20% of daily calorie intake. 50 to 70 grams of protein are recommended, including a quarter of animal protein such as meat, eggs, fish ;

Calcium: Essential for the growth of the skeleton which continues up to 20 years. It is found mainly in dairy products.

Iron: For the development of tissues and red blood cells, it is found in meat, fish, poultry, and the needs are higher in the girl.

Healthy Eating Habits in Teenage

Eating habits and tastes change considerably between childhood and adolescence. A child who eats little can develop a big appetite in teenage. A varied and balanced diet should, therefore, be established, as in the case of adults, but taking into account the greater needs of this period.

Lipids: These must account for one-third of energy expenditure. They must be consumed without excess to avoid cholesterol, which is common at this age. It is necessary to draw on good fats, those present in fish, avocado, for example, olive oil. We avoid eating fast-food fats too often.

Vitamins: Vitamin deficiencies are common among teenagers, so we ensure an adequate intake thanks to fruits and vegetables.

Carbohydrates: Complex carbohydrates or slow sugars are favored to last the whole day. They are found in seeds, starches, cereals, and bread, which must account for about 50% of calorie intake.

Eating Behaviors to be Avoided to Teenage Girls

Bad habits can quickly become established and lead to overweight. We keep sweets and snacks away from meals, we drink water and avoid sweet drinks, we don’t always eat the same things. You don’t skip meals (for example breakfast or snack) and make sure you don’t eat out too often. Good eating habits will have a beneficial effect not only on weight but also on growth in general, health and on the skin of teenagers, very often prone to pimples. A little exercise, without excess, also helps to maintain form, concentration and regulate appetite.

Healthy Diet Plan for Teenage Girl to Lose or Maintain Weight

food guide for teenage girl

It must be admitted that adolescents’ diet is often unbalanced. Between fast-foods, snacking, sodas, ” bad ” food in the canteen, going out and not listening to your parents, there are many factors that cause this food imbalance. Unfortunately, it is during this period that adolescents “refine” their growth and have the greatest need for energy and micro-nutrients.

I propose you a typical menu to present to your teenagers to allow them to eat balanced and varied to stay in shape throughout a day of classes without fatigue, deconcentration, craving and while growing properly.
On the following Menu type, I propose you quantities ranging from a menu at 2100 Kcal to 3100 Kcal, the smallest quantities for the menu with the least calories and vice versa.


Fortunately, you have a lot of options in the food guide for teenage girl which is given by our experts. Following are the diet plan for teenage girls. You may adopt any of the following options;


i- Fresh Fruit: 1 to 2 large fruit (apple, orange, pear) or 2 to 4 small fruit (kiwi, clementine)

ii- Unsweetened Fruit Juice: 1 small or 1 large glass (125 to 200g)

iii- Stewed(without added sugar): 1 to 2 compotes

iv-Yogurt or Cottage Cheese: 1 small-swiss (60g) with 1 yogurt (125g)


i-Semi-Skimmed Milk: 1 small or 1 large bowl (180 to 320g)

ii- Cheese: 1 serving (25 to 45g)

iii- Bread (no white bread) or Crumb Bread: 3 to 8 slices (60 to 160g)

iv- Cereals: 1 small or 1 large bowl (60 to 160g)


i- Biscuit Breakfast: 3 to 6 biscuits

ii- Butter: 5 to 20g

iii- Margarine: 5 to 20g

iv- Oleaginous Fruits: 1 small 1 large handle (15 to 40g)


i- Jam: 1 to 3 tbsp.c (12 to 36g)

ii- Honey: 1 to 3 tbsp.c ( 12 to 36g)

iii- Cocoa: 1 to 3 tbsp.c (12 to 36g)

Water, Tea, Coffee



i- Vegetables: 1 small or 1 large plate (180 to 320g)

ii- Green Salad: at will

vi- Red Meat: 1 small or large portion (60 to 120g)

iv- Fish: 1 small or large portion (80 to 140g)


i- White Meat: 1 small or large portion (70 to 130g)

ii- Cooked Vegetables: 1 small or 1 large plate (180 to 3230g)

iii- Egg: 1 to 3 eggs

Option 3

i- Lean Meat: 1 small or large portion (50 to 120g)

ii- Fatty Sausage: 1 small or large portion (50 to 120g)

iii- Wholemeal Pasta yes Semi-Complete: 1 small or large portion (160 to 300g)

iv- Whole or Semi-Whole Rice: 1 small or large portion (160 to 300g)

v- Grain: 1 small or large portion (160 to 300g)

Option 4

i- Dried Vegetables: 1 small or large portion (160 to 300g)

ii- Potato: 1 small or large portion (160 to 300g)

iii- Bread: 1 to 4 slices (20 to 80g)

iv- Yogurt or Cottage Cheese: 1 small-swiss 1 yogurt (60 to 125g)

v- Dairy Dessert (custard dessert, dessert, rice milk): 1 serving (100g)

Option 5

i- Cheese: 1 small or 1 large serving (15 to 30g))

ii- Fresh Fruit: 1 to 2 large fruits or 2 to 4 small fruits

iii- Stewed, without added sugar: 1 fruit compote

iv- Fruit in Syrup: 1 serving (100g)


Dessert Fruit: 1 small or large portion (60 to 130g)

v- Fat: 10 to 30g

vi- Water: 1 to 4 glasses


In the dinner food guide for teenage girl, I will suggest just one option. However, you can eat


i- Fresh Fruit: 1 to 2 berries or 1 large fruit

ii- Semi-Skimmed Milk: 1 small glass (100 to 130g)

iii- Cheese: 1 small, 1 medium portion (15 to 30g)

iv- Roasted Chicken Leg Piece

v- Bread: 1 to 3 slices (20 to 60g)

vi- Grain: 1 small bowl (60 to 100g)

vii- Low Sugar Biscuit: 1 to 3 biscuits

viii- Chocolate: 1 bar (20 to 30g)

ix- Water: 1 to 3 glasses


Teenage is the most important phase in the life of a girl. A number of changes occur during this phase of life. Therefore, parents, as well as teenage girls, should keep a check on their diet so that they can lead a healthy life. Above-mentioned diet plan for weight loss of girls is a perfect food plan which meets all the requirement of your age. Just follow the plan and maintain your desired weight and for more recipes please feel free to contact. Thank you stay blessed.



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