does ketosis burn visceral fat

Does Ketosis burn visceral fat? It’s a question discussed by experienced dietitian but the first discussion is what visceral fat is.AS fat is an energy store of our body and exists in all over our body but if it is expanding around our belly is called visceral fat (belly Fat).Fat has different impacts on your body which totally depends on the part containing fat and the most dangerous is around your waistline. Visceral fat can be very dangerous for you if you have diabetes and sometimes it can be the cause of obesity. Also, this fat is found inside your abdominal cavity.

How do you know if you are on risk?

Visceral fat is much harder to identify as it stores around your organs like pancreas and intestine. Some levels of this fat are normal and even healthier, but some parts indicate the red signals that something terrible is going to happen with your body. Furthermore, those are the active fat that changes the functions of your body and make them impossible to reduce weight.

Fats can impact on your body, but it depends on which part of the body you are storing more weight whether on lower body or upper body. If you have fat on arms, legs and buttocks than this fat are considered as subcutaneous fat. If you have fat around your belly, then it is called visceral fat.

Not just overweight people face this difficulty even if you are thin you can also have abdominal fat, but the main question is how to remove visceral fat with a keto diet? Following a keto diet can help you get rid of this fat, but you have to do proper research on it before you try.  This

I am sure you have heard a lot that this fat is hard to remove but that’s not true by following a proper diet plan and doing exercise regularly can help you get rid of this fat.

What is visceral fat?

does ketosis burn visceral fat

There is no proper definition of this fat, but many experts say it’s commonly known as belly fat. Visceral Fat is basically found inside your abdominal cavity and can be seen around your internal organs. It seems strange that this fat target the belly fat rather than arms and buttocks.

It can be tough to judge how much fat you can have around your abdominal cavity but having a protruding belly and a large waist can be its common signs. So if you’re old jeans is not fitting you, then you needed to do something about that.

Carrying too much of this fat can also cause different issues like colorectal cancer, Alzheimer’s cancer and many more. Various studies have shown that visceral fat can be linked to a higher risk increase in insulin resistance.

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases can be a threat to human health, and the risk of these diseases is increased in individuals who suffer from abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome.  An excess amount of visceral tissues appears to be the main reason behind this.

Not just its effects on your body health but also affects your mental health. That’s the reason people who are overweight can have problems with depression.

Visceral fat is also the cause of many inflammatory markers such as IL-6, IL-1β, PAI-I and TNF-α. These inflammation marker factors cause health issues that can relate to chronic disease. 

 Why is this fat harmful?

When it comes to fat cells, they can be harmful because they reduce the levels of energy and create different types of Hormones. Over time, these hormones can cause inflammation that can damage your skin as well. According to the study, inflammation can be the cause of lungs diseases.

If you are a heart patient than you are most likely to get a plaque that is formed inside the arteries and can increase heartbeat rate while doing yoga or cardio exercise.

But the question is still there which diet can help you remove this fat. Does Ketosis burn visceral fat?

With the help of proper exercise and diet plan, you can remove visceral fat. Even Ketosis can burn visceral fat, but you have to be careful about what you are eating and what the calories count are.

The portal theory also shows that visceral tissues are dangerous and can cause acid that enters your body through veins to the liver.

What is the ideal visceral fat rating?

If you want to know about the idea visceral fat before you start the ketosis, then you must check your body weight.

The ideal weight depends on your height. If the range of fat is between 1 and 12 than it indicates that you are having a healthy level of visceral fat.

On the other hand, if the range is between 13 and 59, then it shows that you are having an excess level of vascular fat.

While having excess fat, you should start the process of diet and what can be better than ketosis to burn visceral fat.

How to get into the Ketosis?

To go into the ketosis, you must see what you are eating and how much quantity you are consuming food. You must have complete knowledge about how much protein, fat, carbs you are eating daily.

Some people have wrong assumptions about calories intake. Eating healthy calories will not stop your process of ketosis; it may impact how you are losing weight.

The amount of calories you take depends on the person and also how strictly that person is following the diet if you are using ketosis to burn visceral fat than you must be aware of how much calories you are taking.

A standard process of ketosis includes carb intake of fewer than 20 grams. You can add intermittent fasting if you want.

If you want to know whether you are on ketosis or not then following are the signs.

  • You might have bad breath.
  • Your focus might have increased.
  • You have to gain more energy
  • Loss of appetite is normal
  • Ketosis burns your visceral fat
  • You are losing weight

Does Ketosis burn visceral fat?

When it comes to burning weight fat keto diet can be the best option. That’s the main reason many people prefer the keto diet for weight loss rather than a low carb diet.

If you are combining the intermittent fasting with ketosis than you can have chances of weight loss fast. When you are in ketosis, your body uses the fat as fuel that helps to lower your BF% and gives a leaner body in the result.

Ketosis process also helps to lose belly fat of Women. Doing this diet can burn 300 calories per day that is considered being healthy.

A study was performed where 28 overweight and obese adults were asked to follow a ketogenic diet. The results were terrific because they lost around 300 calories per day, especially around the belly.

Furthermore, those who followed the low-fat diet were having problems losing weight from the particular body part. Not just ketosis helped them burn visceral fat but also made them more active.

When you on a process of ketosis, you burn visceral fat fast as compared to other diets. All you have to do is follow a particular diet plan and make a habit of doing exercise regularly. You can also perform different cardio workout to reduce visceral fat.

Furthermore, intermittent fasting also works to burn visceral fat because it limits the intake of meals that you consume daily. Although going into the process of ketosis decrease the amount of appetite and improve blood regulations, this helps to burn the amount of fat from the abdominal area.

This strategy is useful, but you must use this method at least 3-7 days a month if you are not on a strict diet.

Restricting carbs for a long time can reduce the levels of insulin, and you might have chances of losing energy. Without energy, you can’t do proper workout sessions.

Does Ketosis burn visceral fat? 10 Tips to burn visceral fat

Here are five you must follow to burn visceral fat by ketosis.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated so that you can lose more belly fat.
  2. While doing high-intensity workouts make sure your stomach is empty.
  3. Limit the amount of carbs intake.
  4. Increase the intake of fat and maintain a good protein diet.
  5. Don’t exceed more than three meals a day if you want to lose belly fat fast.
  6. Try eat more soluble fiber because it can reduce belly fat.
  7. Try different aerobic exercises.
  8. Limit the amount of sugar intake.
  9. Get plenty of sleep for at least 7-8 hours.
  10. Reduce your stress levels. The lesser the stress, the more you feel active.

Final Words

MRI is the easiest method to check if you are storing visceral fat. However, this process is not cheap but can be useful.

If you on ketosis you can decrease the symptoms of visceral fat because eating low carb foods are the best option to reduce belly fat. This diet comes with proven strategies that include eating low carbs, lesser sugar, doing aerobics and increasing the level of proteins.

Also, the evidence shows that increasing fat consumption and reducing the number of carbs helps to reduce the visceral fat quickly and consistently.  In case if you switch to ketosis diet than don’t count your calories intake because you’re unlikely to drop pounds on ketosis.

In case if ketosis diet doesn’t work for you, the reason might be you are doing it the wrong way. Read my article on keto diet plan to get better knowledge about ketosis. Comment below what problems are you facing while burning visceral fat through ketosis? so that I can guide you in a better way.



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