dangers of belly fat

If you are one of them sitting on a chair and don’t have anything to do than just for the sake of your health consider taking an honest measurement of your waist. You might be the one of those suffered from belly fat. The dangers of belly fat is not that should be ignored. Belly fat can be dangerous showing many signs of health issues. If you wish for a great body then you must have to change the habits which cause the belly fat. Most common dangers of belly fat are discussed here.

Belly fat is something can be dangerous for you if you don’t control it. Looking down your body and seeing belly fat which every women and man doesn’t wish for. It can be the cause of many health issues like diabetes and sometimes cancer.

Generally, people who have belly fat finds difficulty in walking and performing other daily life activities.  There are many factors which make your stomach fat like eating habits and junk foods but you have control eating them. Doctors suggest many types of diet plans ask to change bad habits to control the dangers of belly fat and maintain a firm and flat belly.

Even if you are on a low protein diet than you might have chances to gain weight.

Is a big belly unhealthy? Yes, it is because it is the most sensitive part of your body that can cause many health diseases. Big Belly can cause abdominal obesity and other issues.

Abdominal obesity is caused due to the fat which starts to store around your belly. In this way, you can imagine how dangerous can be belly fat for you. Dangers of belly fat not just related to health issues but also looks ugly physically when you wear your favourite dress.


Is belly fat the cause of abdominal obesity?

A decrease in estrogen can cause the weight gain in Women which leads to abdominal obesity. Hormones changes in women between the age of 45 to 55 occur called menopause. This stage occurs when hormones start to change, and fat begins to store around the belly.

When the body tends to weight gain process, your belly is the place where fats start to store first. Abdominal obesity is caused due to this fat. When the body begins to gain weight around the abdominal part the upper and lower body levels are also affected.

Not just it increases in weight gain but also makes your metabolism slow. Abdominal obesity is the main danger to the body.


Is belly fat a more dangerous fat?

The trouble with the belly fat is that it creates a fat layer around your body just below the skin. It also includes the visceral fat that goes deep inside your abdomen. Dangers of belly fat include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Increase in insulin in type 2 diabetes
  • It can cause colorectal cancer
  • Sleep apnea
  • It can cause high blood pressure

If you have type 2 diabetes, then you must reduce your belly fat by eating low-fat foods.

Sometimes age and genetics can be the cause of belly fat. Your weight is determined by the number of calories you take daily. If you eat too much and your exercise is limited, you can face dangers of belly fat.

You must limit the number of calories you take per day. According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans, men in 50s need 200 fewer calories than they use to have in their 30s.

dangers of belly fat

The dangers of belly fat

If your waist measurements are around 35 or 40 or more than you are having a dangerous amount of abdominal fat. The main reason behind it is the fat cells which care to store fat on your body.

Not just they increase the belly fat but also cause different health issues which can be dangerous for you.

Following are the things which can happen to you if you have belly fat.


  1. Cardiovascular Diseases

The fat belly can create huge dangers to the body. Cardiovascular diseases are caused due to the excess amount of fat around your body. This condition generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels.

When you have an excess amount of fat around the body the fat blocks the supply of blood which cause heart attack and chest pain, that’s the reason people who are overweight can have fast heartbeats.

  1. Type 2 Diabetes

Having excess visceral fat makes your insulin resistance high which can turn into type 2 diabetes. The main reason for type 2 diabetes is fat around the belly. Not just it increases the insulin resistance but also cause difficulty in breathing.

  1. High Blood pressure

People with belly fat visit the physician with high blood pressure complaints. The main reason behind is the Visceral fat tissue which triggers the cancerous activity. This activity interferes with other hormones in the body which cause belly fat.

  1. Cancer

Belly fat releases Cytokines which can be the cause of cancer. This is one of the main dangers of belly fat. Gaining weight can disturb the immune system and can cause inflammation. This is the main reason that the body starts to produce unwanted cells which trigger cancer.

That’s why people with abdominal fat are more prone to cancers, kidney disease and colon.

  1. Sleep disorders and depression

High levels of belly fat can cause depression and sleep disorders. Sleep disorders also lead to apnea. The symptoms of this can be daytime sleepiness, snoring and fitful sleep. If you are sleeping for a short time, then you might get into depression which is another danger of belly fat.

Men have more Visceral fat as compared to Women

When it comes to visceral fat than men develop more fat as compared to women. This is the main reason women develop a pear-shaped body. While Men as apple-shaped physique because they contain fat around the belly and women contain more fat in the upper and lower part. This is the reason that those men who have diabetes were most likely to get belly fat as compared to those who don’t have diabetes.

Tips to reduce belly fat

If you have belly fat and want to reduce it, you must follow a healthy diet. You can try a keto diet or low carb diet; it depends on you. If you have type 2 diabetes than you must reduce the amount of food you eat daily. Following are the things which you must try to decrease the dangers of belly fat.

  • Eat Clean
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Get plenty of sleep

Final Words

Sometimes belly fat can be the cause of many issues like your daily routine. To decrease the dangers of belly fat, you must adopt healthy habits. You can try different types of diet and exercises.

If you have belly fat and want to reduce obesity than you have to struggle for it, eat a healthy diet and follow a particular diet plan. Comment below the dangers of belly fat to motivate others.


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