The center of the body and cradle of emotions, the belly is one of our most sensitive areas. Some even say that the second brain of the body would be the intestines! That’s saying. A visceral fat, also known as belly fat, is inside your abdominal wall. Excess visceral fat is extremely harmful. It is linked to a high risk of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, and even some cancers. However, Belly Fat Fix is no more a problem. Fortunately, this belly can be deflated by paying a little attention to its diet, adopting a healthier lifestyle and moving. To learn how to fix belly fat effectively, and especially intelligently, follow the guide!

Before going towards a guide, I want to share a success story of belly fat fix by the below-mentioned guide. Following tips have changed the lifestyle of my patient -Nancy R. Brown. I can remember that Nancy met with me at a wedding function with her belly covered with fat. She was embarrassing due to her belly because she was wearing a relatively tight dress which made her awkward. As a physician, I introduced myself and asked her to come to my clinic. After visiting my clinic, I provided her a guide to follow for belly fat loss. Now she is spending a life with smart belly without extra fat. Yes, you can also lose your belly fat just by following my pro guide.

Belly Fat Fix: A Story of Nancy R. Brown

Even though abdominal fat is one of the most difficult to remove, it can be removed in a natural way. Hippocrates said, “let your diet be your first medicine.” Some fruits and vegetables are real slimming allies. Thus, I recommended to Nancy that she eat various foods to eat. Do you know? Which foods made Nancy a smart woman? Yes! List of following foods turned Nancy into a smart woman.

Foods for Nancy

Try to Eat More Soluble Fiber

Fibers can be divided into two main categories: soluble and insoluble.

The soluble form is mixed with water to form a viscous gel. This helps to slow down the passage of digested food from the stomach to the intestines 17. When soluble fibers arrive in the colon, they are fermented by intestinal bacteria and turn into short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are a major source of nutrients for colon cells.

Interestingly, they can also help reduce visceral fat by suppressing appetite.

A study of 1114 people showed that simply increasing the intake of soluble fiber by 10 grams per day reduced the risk of taking visceral fat by as much as 3.7% 23.

To increase your fiber intake, try eating more flaxseed, sweet potatoes, legumes, and cereals. You can also try taking soluble fiber supplements, such as organic Psyllium.


Lemon is one of the most famous fat-burning foods. The citric acid in lemon promotes bile secretion in the liver and helps improve digestion. Lemon is also rich in fiber, especially pectin. These fibers help to have good transit and have satisfying virtues. Which promotes slimming.


Often used in desserts, cinnamon has multiple health benefits. This spice contains a substance called cinnamaldehyde that causes an acceleration of metabolism. The body thus produces heat, which promotes elimination of abdominal fat and loss of belly.

Green tea

Green tea is also one of the most famous burning fat foods. It contains polyphenols, flavonoids, and catechins which are powerful antioxidants. These substances help to stimulate metabolism, which allows fat to be burned in the body. Similarly, a molecule present in green tea regulates the production of cortisol, the prolonged secretion of which can lead to disorders such as obesity.

Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a popular method of weight loss and fat burning.

This diet consists of fasting more or less long, usually between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., and eating from its daily calories over a short period of time.

Unlike traditional diets, intermittent fasting does not limit a food list. It just limits when you should eat them.

Studies show that intermittent fasting can help you lose the visceral fat, of 4 to 7 % over a period of 6 to 24 weeks.

Exercises for Nancy for Belly Fat Fix

One thing which I like the most about Nancy is that she is regular and persistent in her exercises. She reserves 30-45 minutes for the following exercises. For me, it is the main reason to get her desired belly in a short span of time.

A Flat Belly Thanks to Fast Walking

To get a flat stomach and lose your excess weight, “fast” walking is an activity that can be integrated into your daily life, as it has many health and fitness benefits. The main advantage of walking is that it is a natural gesture that will never appear as an effort.

What’s more, this one can be practiced alone or with several, which can make it playful at will.

Walking is without a doubt the sport that requires the least preparation and can be done on the most varied circuits, close to home or elsewhere. The only technical constraint is to think of equipping oneself with comfortable shoes adapted to one’s feet.

In terms of slimming, “fast” walking will allow the burning of calories at an average rate of 125 kcal to perform 2 kilometers or 30 minutes of effective walking.

The absence of the feeling of exertion will prevent the body from being stressed, which will also alleviate the feeling of hunger that appears during a session of a more intense sport.

Basic Crunch: Abdominal

Lie down on your back, arms along your body, feet off the ground, tibias, and thighs at right angles, calves parallel to the ground, knees above your hips, feet at the level of your knees.

While looking at your toes, inhale, and when blowing, take off the top of the shoulder blades by rolling the spine like the shell of a snail, from the head.

Relax the shoulders well down to avoid contraction of the neck muscles.

Hold the position for at least 10 seconds while breathing deeply through the ribs, and keep your abdomen constricted, navel always retracted.

You can repeat 3 times the remaining 3 to 10 breathing cycles ( inspiration+exhalation, slow and deep breathing).

The objective of this exercise is to strengthen the deep and superficial muscles of the abdominal strap: transverse and straight.

Mountain Climb

The Mountain climber exercise, also known as the “climber exercise”, is an exercise that is performed regularly during sports training.

It targets mainly the abdominal and triceps. This is an exercise in losing belly that we strongly advocate.

Realized in a fast or slow way, the Mountain climb demands your cardiovascular system, increases your metabolism and leads to a high-calorie expenditure.

Considered to be one of the easiest exercises to lose the belly, as it is enough to follow the next steps :

Start by putting yourself in a pump position, on the tip of your feet, legs and arms straight. Make sure your head, buttocks, legs, and shoulders are well aligned.

Fold one of your legs by bringing your knee back to your chest without touching the ground.

With an impulsive motion, reverse the position with the other leg and resume the initial motion.


The cladding is very often practiced in people who wish to burn fat from the belly.

The padding of the ABS not only strengthens your muscles but also prevents very often painful injuries in the lumbar area.

It’s a very well-known flat belly sports practice. Unlike other exercises to lose the belly, cladding does not require moving in all directions!

All you have to do is maintain balance in a precise position, which will make your muscles work and make the exercise effective.

The cladding is indeed a sport accessible to everyone. It adapts to all bodies and all physical abilities.

It also protects your spine, limits damage from prolonged sitting, Tonifies your abs, makes you more flexible and improves your athletic performance.

These all are the golden steps which have been taken by Nancy for Belly Fat Fix.  If you have several other tips please share in the comment section. Thank you. Stay Blessed.


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